Using Blockchain to Save Lives

Introduction to Whiteflag

We believe we can prevent loss of lives in disaster & conflict areas around the globe, that may occur by lack of information. This can be achieved by providing a reliable means for both combatant and neutral parties in conflict zones to digitally communicate pre-defined signs and signals using blockchain technology. This can also be used to communicate information about natural and man-made disasters, thus creating shared situational awareness beyond conflicts. The signs and signals can be securely communicated using a decentralised protocol, the Whiteflag Protocol, that describes a trusted messaging network for disaster & conflict areas.


Whiteflag in Practice 

Whiteflag enables entities protected under humanitarian law to make themselves known in real-time to prevent collateral damage and casualties in conflict zones. Whiteflag allows organisations to notify others of their planned and ongoing activities, for more effective aid and military deconfliction. Whiteflag makes it possible to disclose valuable information real-time, such as emergencies and danger areas, to improve overall situational awareness.

The Technology of Whiteflag 

The underlying blockchain secures the Whiteflag messages and ensures Whiteflag is neutral and cannot be controlled or manipulated, enabling a trusted global messaging/communications network. Additionally, Whiteflag provides means for authentication and message encryption. The blockchain records the history of events permanently and provides undeniable proof, which creates transparency and helps the course of justice.

Trustworthiness of Information

Whiteflag helps to assess the trustworthiness of information by instant verification of the originator, authentication of reliable sources, cross-checking facts with persistent information on the blockchain to evaluate reliability of sources, confirmation by multiple sources, duress functionality, and implementation-specific measures such as filtering, blacklisting, other sources.

Mission of the Whiteflag Foundation

The Whiteflag Foundation maintains, promotes and supports the Whiteflag Protocol to empower parties involved in conflicts and disasters to globally and securely communicate using free, decentralized and open source technology.

Dedication to the Public Domain

All persons and organisations that contributed to the initial development of the Whiteflag Protocol did so disinterestedly. The protocol specification is dedicated to the public domain under the Creative Commons CC0 statement.

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